Jan.-March 2017
Vol. 11, No. 1
Richmond, Ky.

Our Mission...

The Kentucky Civil War Bugle seeks to inform, preserve, interpret, entertain and promote the Commonwealth’s Civil War history and heritage. This means informing residents and visitors about the state’s ongoing War-Between-the-States events and activities and efforts of site and program preservation.

This also involves interpretation of those sites and programs and plans to keep the Civil War story alive. Articles that are entertaining as well as informative are keys to achieving this goal.

We also endeavor to develop and enhance interest in the Kentucky Civil War among residents and visitors, emphasizing that the opportunity to learn, study and enjoy awaits them.

Articles and photos appearing on www.thekentuckycivilwarbugle.com may be used with permission. For permission, contact Bugle editor Ed Ford at fordpr@mis.net.

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