Jan.-March 2017
Vol. 11, No. 1
Richmond, Ky.

Bugle editorial ...
Everything has beginning, end; it’s time
for this editor, publication to designate 30

Nothing lasts forever.

And so it is with The Kentucky Civil War Bugle.

After 10 years and the editor’s 80th birthday, it’s time for the publication and me to step aside.

The Bugle, published four times a year in January, April, July and October, was introduced in a tabloid format in January 2007. It was changed to an electronic format and continued until the present as an online publication. It has grown – as best as we can figure – to a readership of some 20,000. That’s from coast-to-coast and in two foreign countries – Great Britain and Australia.

We’ve published The Bugle as a free publication, bolstered by online advertising. Our purpose has been to inform, preserve, interpret, entertain and promote the Commonwealth’s Civil War history and heritage.

And, we’ve had a great writing staff.

Dr. Paul Rominger, former managing director of The Battle of Richmond Association, is a renowned history scholar and a devoted student of the Civil War. His review of period books and articles about Civil War Kentucky have been excellent.

Dr. Judy Pierce, professor of Teacher Education at Western Kentucky University, is one of Kentucky’s premier Civil War storytellers. She appears throughout the state at living history events and re-enactments and, hopefully, will be writing a book soon about women in the Civil War.

Bryan Bush, Louisville-based author and historian, is one of the best-known Civil War authorities in Kentucky. He has written numerous books and articles about Civil War Kentucky and has served as a consultant for many filmmakers.

Doug Lippman is a retired professor and another noted historian, educator, writer and re-enactor. Doug probably has forgotten more about the Civil War than most of us ever knew. Hopefully, he’ll soon have a book in the works.

Then, there’s Roy Varney. Roy – an outstanding web designer, layout artist, Internet specialist, photographer and advisor – has been an integral part of The Bugle since it’s inception. I’ll continue to work with him on other projects.

And, many thanks to our faithful advertisers. Our rates have been minimal, but their contributions have enabled us to keep afloat.

Also, The Bugle is up for sale. Anyone who may be interested in keeping the story of Civil War Kentucky alive can contact me at fordpr@mis.net or The Kentucky Civil War Bugle, 305 Wisteria Court, Richmond, KY 40475.

As for me, I’ll continue to be busy. I still have some Kentucky Civil War fiction novels to complete.

Ed Ford, Editor/Publisher
The Kentucky Civil War Bugle

P.S. – 30 is journalism’s designation for the end of a story.

Articles and photos appearing on www.thekentuckycivilwarbugle.com may be used with permission. For permission, contact Bugle editor Ed Ford at fordpr@mis.net.

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