Jan.-March 2017
Vol. 11, No. 1
Richmond, Ky.


Battlefield sound
The Civil War Trust’s Field Trip Fund has provided students with a hands-on learning experience about the War Between the States.
The Fund enabled 9,000 students last year to visit battlefields and historic sites at 18 locations. This young lady received a turn
at a battlefield drum.
See Briefs (9,000 students...) Civil War Trust photo

Now at Brandenburg
Following some heated discussions
and seven months of deliberation, a
Louisville Confederate monument
has been relocated to Brandenburg.
The 70-foot memorial stood near the
University of Louisville campus.
Protestors claimed the monument
honored those who fought for slavery.
See story.

Link to Lincoln
He’s far away, but President Lincoln really is there. Abraham Lincoln portrayer
Larry Elliott (background) talks with Breckinridge County students about the Civil War
at the historic Joseph Holt Home in Hardinsburg. A tour of the structure was a first for
elementary students.
See Briefs (Holt Home receives ...) – Photo by Eddie Dyer

Paintings will stay
Political correctness has even invaded
Civil War paintings at the Minnesota
capitol. Artist Howard Pyle’s
"The Battle of Nashville” is one of his
contentious Civil War artworks
hanging in the state’s capitol building.
See Briefs (Civil War art ...)
– Minnesota Historical Society photo

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